The world’s first and only training program that turns parenthood into a Master’s in key skills for your business

MAAM is a powerful digital and life-based program that delivers training in an engaging and rewarding format. The solution builds people’s skills by up to 35%, increases their motivation and boosts companies’ productivity.


Over 40 businesses worldwide already use MAAM

Innovating Human Resources

MAAM is an original, flexible and proven answer to many of the challenges HR teams face when training and nurturing staff.


Strengthen your workforce

Training soft skills makes your people more efficient, creative and successful.


Retain and attract talents

Lowering turnover and saving you money on recruiting new staff.


Enhance diversity and inclusion

Valuing your employees’ unique talents and finding a common ground fosters a sense of belonging.


Nurture staff during parental leave

Showing you value a pivotal moment in life by providing this pathway makes parents stronger and more motivated when they return to work.


A unique global solution

MAAM is designed for pregnant women, and working mothers and fathers of children aged 0 to 3. The solution transforms parenting skills into powerful capabilities for your business.

It features 24 online modules in a micro-learning format, including videos, inspiring content, open questions, self-assessment questionnaires, real-life missions, a community for sharing ideas, insights and progress, and much more.

MAAM also connects the participants’ experience of growing professionally with their company and managers – making the training even more effective.

Give your employees the best training experience

MAAM enhances the key skills that are among the most popular and successful in the workplace.



Managing relationships with others, understanding people’s needs in various situations and knowing how to form alliances.



Making the complex simple, focusing on the essentials to work more effectively and managing unexpected events creatively.



Solving complex problems, working creatively, boosting mental agility, establishing a clear vision and managing change.

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Solutions like MAAM contribute to a new nourishment and free new energies.

Sabina Tarozzi
Welfare Activities Director

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MAAM has produced very satisfactory results. The most important result is that, in our country, 42% of women returning from maternity are promoted.

Sonia Malaspina
HR Director

MAAM, aimed at fathers, changed the way we see diversity.

Giuseppe Falco
Managing Director

What do companies and parents think about MAAM?


A child is a school of management

Raising a child is one of life’s most exciting and instructive experiences. It’s a natural training ground that enables people to practice their sense of responsibility, manage their emotions and open themselves to change.

This is Life Based Learning. It enables people to enhance skills that are vital in their personal and professional lives – and transfer and use what they learn between work and home.

MAAM: from scientific research to a unique training program

MAAM is based on scientific research that began in 2012. This research enabled us to develop a unique proprietary training method that revolutionizes companies’ learning and development processes.


Are you ready to transform your employees’ life experiences into valuable skills for your business?

The world of corporate training is changing like never before. Your challenge is to provide people with training that’s free from time-consuming classroom courses – showing you value every moment of their complex lives. MAAM lets you do all this!