Treat others as they would like to be treated

7 Oct 2019|Impact makers|

Riccarda Zezza, CEO of Life Based Value and Manuela Andaloro, management consultant, joined forces to create a series of interviews aimed at portraying impact makers and leaders who are driving change and innovation worldwide, and in doing so, are raising awareness on a new successful type of genuine leadership. After a very successful first interview with Chiara Condi (Women, tWomen? They should stop asking what they’re worth), [...]

Life Based Learning: Enhancing Work Through Parenthood

21 Sep 2019|About us|

We're on Corporate Unplugged, a Podcast with and for People Shaping the Future of Business, with a long interview with our CEO, Riccarda Zezza. Listen to the podcast here! What if businesses looked at parenthood as a training model and were empowered to do good in the world with an ethics-first approach? Learn how Riccarda Zezza, founder of MAAM, is aiming to do just that. Based [...]

The secret for a perfect training program is hidden in everyday life

23 Aug 2019|About us|

“We know that, right now and in the foreseeable future, machines are generally poor at understanding a person’s mood, at sensing the situation around them, and at developing trusting relationships. This is why human ‘soft skills’ will become increasingly valuable — skills such as empathy, context sensing, collaboration, and creative thinking.” Lynda Gratton, one of the global experts in the theme of work organization, has been expounding the theme [...]

World’s first digital training platform that turns life experiences into business capabilities secures £1.3 million for expansion

12 Jul 2019|About us|

Life Based Value (LBV), lead by founder and CEO Riccarda Zezza, has today announced its first expansion outside of Italy. The company offers digital soft skills-based training programmes, such as Maternity As A Masters (MAAM), that harness soft skills gained through life transitions such as parenthood into business capabilities. Securing a total of £1.3 million in funding for scaling the platform and starting its international growth, [...]

Our roadshow in Japan

1 May 2019|About us|

On November 2018, MAAM went on tour in Japan. Our CEO Riccarda Zezza spent a whole week with Managers, representatives of Institutions and Universities, students and other social entrepreneurs to speak about how work-life balance should radically be redefined worldwide, and parents should stop seeing their time off work spent with their children in conflict with their careers. Nurturing Experience as Power NHK World-Japan, the international [...]

Why does reality still throw companies a curved ball?

9 Apr 2019|Talent management|

Losing footing every time a "life event" barges into the work dimension. Considering every absence a crisis that is difficult to recover from. Watching the clock to decide whether the worker is "serious", whether their time belongs entirely to the company. These are last-century practices; the outlines of a reality that does not exist anymore. Today, according to recent research from Harvard, in the United States 73% [...]