Over 70 companies have already chosen MAAM to transform their parent employees’ skills into business success. How has it worked for them? And what could it do for you?


Our clients are companies at the forefront of human resources management. They are agents of change, aware of the precious contribution they are making in eliminating stereotypes in the world of work. With us, they make parenting a strategic asset to improve productivity and business performance. Thanks to MAAM, they learn to speak the same language as their collaborators.

Motherhood has made me the Managing Director of my life. What more could you want?
Sophie, MAAM user
As a father I see things with new eyes. I moved attention from me to another.
Robert, MAAM user
A mother in a team always knows how to find a solution to problems.
Diana, MAAM user

Why did we choose MAAM? There was more than one reason. I dreamt about changing the company’s culture towards parenting – and MAAM was the engine. MAAM is about much more than gender diversity. It’s a way to teach companies to accept people’s many dimensions.

Daniela Sorrentino

HR Manager

Thanks to MAAM, we can recommend people with broader skills to human resources, which guarantees better services to citizens.

 Cristina Tajani

Councilor for Employment Policies, Production Activites and Human Resources

Around 400 of our new mothers have joined MAAM. With this program, even those on maternity leave can train the skills they acquire in the role of mother and maintain contact with the company.

Maria Bianca Farina


What I like most is giving employees freedom in their work. What matters is the result. When I heard about MAAM from a client, I immediately wanted to put it in my company’s programs. Motherhood is celebrated here.

Silvia Bolzoni


MAAM has produced very satisfactory results. The most important result is that, in our country, 42% of women returning from maternity are promoted. We need to create a workforce that is always eager to grow and improve. With MAAM, you can measure skills before and after, and people become responsible for their own training.

Sonia Malaspina

HR Director

We are proud that a culture of inclusion, which brings with it respect and fair treatment, has always been part of our DNA. We are attentive to the needs of all our employees. Over the years, we have developed programs and initiatives that put people at the center, with a focus on women, often in balance with the many family roles.

Luigi Uccella

Human Resources Director

MAAM delivers concrete results

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