What works best when training soft skills?


Exercising new skills every day


Ensuring the skills are relevant for working effectively


Involving managers when people start using their new skills in their roles

Yet only one in four managers believe training was essential for achieving great results.

The truth is that, after training in soft skills, people tend to return to their previous behaviors. This also happens because managers don’t get involved in the follow-up phase – and don’t make the most of what their people learn.

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Our solution? MAAM Manager

MAAM Manager is a dedicated digital tool that allows your managers to connect directly and personally with participants during the MAAM program.

It’s helping managers work quickly and efficiently. It allows your managers to get involved in enhancing their teams’ skills – and put those to work in their roles.

The tool helps your managers and teams interact, making learning the skills more dynamic, engaging and exciting. And it strengthens the relationships, trust and collaboration between managers and their people, thanks to the activities everyone must plan and perform together.

The manager becomes an important reference point for the team – someone who understands everyone’s potential and can help participants enhance their resources.

In short, MAAM Manager means better relations between managers and their teams, collaborative environments and more motivated and productive people.

Are you ready to transform your employees’ life experiences into valuable skills for your business?

You will achieve real results – reducing the costs of managing parental leave by activating new key skills, and attracting and retaining the best talents.