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You can purchase MAAM with an annual subscription based on your company’s size. The subscription gives your company and employee parents of children aged 0 to 3 unlimited access to MAAM. To purchase MAAM, please contact us.

No – that’s fine. MAAM is an online and ongoing path of awareness and wellbeing that participants can use anytime anywhere using a smartphone, computer or tablet. And taking the MAAM program is completely voluntary.

No. The course takes place on a secure online platform outside your company, so there’s nothing to install. You can also customize the registration page with your company’s logos. Premium customers can also post information direct to their employees on a company bulletin board.
It’s best to let them know through internal communication campaigns. The MAAM team can help you with this. Your managers are also the best ambassadors for MAAM – because they can let staff know directly about the benefits. We’ll provide them with a ‘question and answer’ document to discuss with their teams.
With a basic subscription, you’ll receive an annual report. If you have a premium subscription, you’ll receive a quarterly report. These reports give you qualitative and quantitative data in an anonymous and aggregate form.

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