MAAM, the book

Motherhood As A Master empowering both men and women.

In an essay that revolutionizes our paradigms on the relationship between motherhood and work, Andrea Vitullo and Riccarda Zezza – founders of the project Maam, Maternity as a Master – propose an innovative path of change in which parental skills become the basis for building leadership practises: from relational skills to listening, from quick decision making to Handling difficulties, the authors show how to start from motherhood to deeply rethink the way we organize our work, breaking down the obstaclesnthat currently restrict people’s growth and training leaders capable of dealing with challenges with competence and creativity.

In a working world that focuses more and more on the present an on a short-term vision, motherhood is often experienced by companies as a burden and by women themselves as a taboo, forgetting that it offers a remarkable growth opportunity, generating new energies and essential skills that we can use in our professional life too.


  1. Being a manager without even know it
  2. Taking a step back, makes a complicated life seems simpler
  3. She is a master in feelings and alliances
  4. Maternal leadership is just what we need today
  5. Raising them to be stronger than we are
  6. New man already exists: set him free!
  7. Riccarda, the motherhood, Andrea, the master. Or vice versa?

Andrea Vitullo
Riccarda Zezza

MAAM Motherhood As A Master empowering both men and women.

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“This book makes us read the future”

Umberto Veronesi

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