Becoming a parent is one of life’s most common transitions. But many businesses still believe parenthood interrupts career opportunities – because absent parent employees miss opportunities to learn and grow.

It’s time to change this stereotype.

Because science shows that people gain new energies and skills when they become parents – the same skills and energies that make your business successful!

Investing in your parents’ skills allows you to:

Strengthen your workforce

 training soft skills makes your people more efficient, creative and successful.

Retain and attract talents

 lowering turnover and saving you money on recruiting new staff.

Boost your corporate branding 

 making  your company more attractive to potential recruits.

MAAM for your business

SAVE  money on recruiting and training new staff because MAAM empowers and motivates parent employees and encourages them to stay.

CAPITALIZE  on better-performing, motivated and creative parent staff, even when they return from maternity and paternity leave.

ENGAGE with your employees after the training because you better understand their individual needs.

BOOST  your corporate branding and make your company more attractive to potential recruits.

MAAM for your people

TRANSFORMS employees’ life experiences into career-enhancing skills.

MOTIVATES  people and makes them feel valued because improves confidence in their roles and keeps them loyal to your business.

INCREASES  emotional intelligence, giving them new ways to engage with colleagues and clients.

Let the stats do the talking…

70% of employees in target choose to participate voluntarily

98% of participants rate the content positively

Skills improve from +5% TO +35%

Are you ready to transform your employees’ life experiences into valuable skills for your business?